Friday, September 17, 2010

Who's Got A Woody?

One of the greatest things about kids it just the natural comedy that they can sometimes, at even the most mundane of moments bring to a home. To wit:

Two nights ago Sally made 'Toy Story' mac 'n cheese for the girls for dinner. The meal includes some of the Toy Story characters in it, including good ole 'Woody'. As we sat down to dinner, suddenly the girls excitement for the new mac 'n cheese bubbled over, with some unintended innuendo thrown in (mostly fed by their immature dad).

Sylvia [her fork in the air, waving about, with a skewered piece of pasta on the end]: "Wook, I have Woody!"

Lillian: "I have a Woody too!"

Dad: "You what? What do you have there!?!"

Both: "A Woody! I have a Woody!"

Dad: "That is so cool that you guys have a Woody!"

Sally: [Pretty much can't speak because she's trying to reign in her laughter.]

Dad: "Sally, did you hear what the girls have? Girls, what do you have there!?!?"

Girls: "A Woody! We've got Woody!"

Dad: "Who's got a Woody? Do you guys have a Woody? Sally, the girls both have a Woody!"

Sylvia: "I've got TWO Woody's!"

Dad: "Sally, Sylvia has TWO Woody's! Well, you can't have enough Woody's in life, that's what I always say! Lillian, do you have a Woody?!?!"

Sally: [Is pretty much vibrating, she's laughing so hard but still trying to hold it in.]

Lillian: "Wait, I can't find my Woody... OH, here's one! I've got a Woody!"

Dad: "Three cheers if you've got a Woody!"

Well, they won't be handing out an awards to this dad for either maturity OR propriety any time soon... And that's just fine by me.

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