Friday, September 3, 2010

Bed Hoppin'

Here's a typical atypical bed progression for a night:

8:30 PM - Sally puts both girls down in Lillian's bed (we have a bed for Sylvia but it's primary purpose these days is to hold sheets and a comforter that match her room 'perfectly') and Sally dozes off with them

9:30 - Sally moves to our king-sized bed in our bedroom, with Sylvia - who still hasn't gone to sleep yet. Sally is half-asleep yet half-pissed at Sylvia.

10:00 - I get into bed. Have to move Sylvia and her bear 'Snazzy' to get a spot. Dogs join me, deciding that they are far more comfortable lying on/over/around me, thereby making me claustrophobic and driving me out of the bed (per their nefarious doggie plans...)

10:11 - Decide to crash in girls bed, with Lillian, since that will keep her down in that bed (because if she wakes up, she'll cuddle up next to me and know that someone is there and then NOT head into the big bed - plus it's cute/fun to cuddle with her before she turns 12 and starts to hate me)

10:15 - Fall asleep. Have really bizarre dream where I'm in a giant video game, jumping up these lava rivers from floating stone to floating stone to finally arrive at my destination: a really pimped out TGIF/McDonald's that serves giant scones and '100 types of rose tea'. Oh, and I'm in high school, it's gym day, and not only have I forgotten my gym clothes, but I'm totally naked sitting at a table, until I scrounge a t-shirt and a towel. (WTF? Note to self: seek therapy.)

3:22 AM - wake up in Lillian's bed, realize that I'm in Lillian's bed and seek to cuddle a bit to reassure her that someone is there, thus keeping her in her bed longer so that she sleeps better and Sally is prevented from having too many kids/dogs/cats in the big bed and thus she sleeps longer too! Hey, I'm just that kind of thoughtful, caring dad.
I reach over. Lillian is not there.
She's in the big bed.
I chuckle in order to stave off typical dad frustrations, then close my eyes.

3:28 AM - realize there is no way in hell I'm actually going to go back to sleep. Get up and head to my office to get some work done.

3:28:34 AM - See a light on in Sally's office. She's working too. Woke up at 1AM and couldn't get back to sleep either.

Final tally: one, very large, nicely comfy adult king sized bed with no adults in it. Two kids beds with no kids in them. Four or so dog beds without a single dog on them. The dogs are in the adult's bed, cuddled with the kids, there is no one in the kids beds, and the adults are both up in their offices, working (or blogging).

Just another typical atypical night at the Chimes House.

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